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This is the Frames Oral History of Malawian People Living in Manchester

The organisation initiating all the project is The Apostolic Order Of St Hadrian of Canterbury. 2019 we are looking at Marriage Ceremonies – from courtship to family life (thus Courtship, family agreements, engagement/ chinkhoswe, marriage ceremony, Dowry or No dowry, Multi-cultural weddings.

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What the Youth Say About the Project

“Nobody has ever told me about Malawi cultural practices on such things as courtship and marriage. I would like to be told since this might be different from what we have learnt in class on how to conduct ourselves here. I have also generally discussed with friends about these but because of our cultural differences, it is normally vague. The project will, therefore, be useful.”

Faith Kachitsa

“I would much be excited to participate in such a project us this. I want to learn more about life and at the same time learn new skills.”

Kelvin Kalimbuka

“This will be a very useful project for us especially those who have grown up here. We need to know what our parents’ cultural practices are; compare if necessary with what is practised here.”

Yusuf Chikoko

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