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Gift and Mphatso Double Celebrations

Flames Heritage Malawi would like to congratulate Gift and Mphatso for their wonderful blessed wedding. May God bless you both richly as you start a new married life together.

These are some of their photos from their engagement and wedding ceremonies

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15 Feb 2019

What outcomes will the project achieve?


The project will upon its completion achieve the following outcomes:

i. The people involved and the community in general including non-Malawians living in Manchester will learn about Malawi’s cultural practices for better understanding and integration of society in general. It is also envisaged that researchers on people’s cultural practices will be able to see if there are any transferable traits in the practices that can be adopted for harmonisation of society and or better families. Also, people involved in the project, for instance, the youth will have learnt various skills through participation in the project such as project leadership, interview skills.
ii. The project is expected to bring out rich heritage from the Malawian practices on courtship and marriages that will help children born of Malawian parents and those intermarried, associated with them to better understand themselves and also the things that they learn from their parents. It will be used to foster acceptance of identity and their roots amongst these children which will then be passed from generation to generation as the project will make it possible to preserve the practices and findings for future generations. Without the project, the story of Malawi heritage will be lost.
iii. The community will benefit from the project as they will be introduced to an understanding of other cultural practices, in this case, Malawian practices which are good for integration. It is planned that the outputs of the project be shared to the wider community within Manchester who will benefit through learning of a different cultural practice than their own. Volunteers and participants some of whom will be non-Malawians will also benefit through skills development and understanding of Malawian Heritage in the context of community cohesion in Manchester.

At the end the outputs which will contribute to the outcomes will be; Recorded and transcribed oral histories of Malawians living in Manchester for heritage purposes through documentary video production depicting that heritage. A website dedicated to the heritage uncovered by the project.

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