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obola – (among southern African peoples) a bride price, traditionally one paid with cattle and these days money. The process of Lobolo negotiations can be culturally varied, long and complex, and involves many members from both the bride and the groom’s extended families; normally, this would just be the uncles of the marrying parties, as well as the fathers, where custom allows. The groom is not allowed to participate directly in the actual negotiations. In some cultures women may be present in the negotiations, while some households hold on to a tradition of not allowing women to actively take part in the negotiations.  Below is an example of a typical lobola price.

Number Item No Items Amount (MWK)
1 Chifula Mulomo 15,000.00
2 Mayembe 2 10,000.00
3 Mkondo 1 2,000.00
4 Mbuzi 20,000.00
5 Mukhuzi 100,000.00
6 Blanket la dada + Namama 40,000.00
7 Suit ya mama 25,000.00
8 Chuma cha Pasi (Wanalume) 60,000.00
Sub Total 272,000.00
Cows 3 240,000.00
Bull 1 100,000.00
Total 340,000.00
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